Healthy Rivers Critical for Confronting Climate Change

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The Clean Water Act is an important tool for maintaining river health.

If the Trump Administration won’t do anything to combat climate change, then the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) will, by addressing problems in our corner of the world.

Healthy river systems – with swimmable, fishable, drinkable water — will help human and wildlife communities adapt to climate change. And thanks to members like you, SYRCL is working every day to keep the Yuba watershed healthy, clean and safe.

Will you continue to support our work with a generous gift today?  We need to raise $25,000 by June 30 to ensure our key programs are funded this summer and we’re prepared to stave off threats to the Yuba watershed.

Last week I wrote how the Trump administration is attacking the Clean Water Act. It’s blatantly willing to sacrifice clean water for energy projects – and this is directly impacting the Yuba and its tributaries. 

Recently the Nevada Irrigation District asked for a waiver of their clean water requirement for a hydroelectric project. It shocked me because they were the very first in the nation to exploit an emerging loophole in the federal licensing process. Immediately, SYRCL and our allies protested the waiver because it endangers federal protections for the Yuba and Bear rivers and undermines hard-won agreements that took years to negotiate.

Whether you live, work or play on the Yuba, you know the health of our community depends upon the health of our river.

Your contribution to our Clean Water Fund by June 30 will support critical science and outreach programs that safeguard the watershed. You’ll help our policy experts who are standing up at public meetings and advocating for this incredible river system within the Sierras.

For the Yuba,

Melinda Booth, Executive Director

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