Chipping In and Stepping Up For a Clean Yuba

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The end of Summer is in sight, and while we know you’ve been enjoying the Yuba responsibly, not all visitors are so kind. That’s why we’re mobilizing 1,000 volunteers to help clean up debris and trash from dozens of sites all across the watershed.

We understand that not everyone can attend the 22nd Yuba River Cleanup on Saturday September 21st. But we’re certain that at least one of your friends, family, or neighbors will be there. You can help sponsor their efforts by making a donation to the Clean-a-thon. Your gift goes directly to helping organize this massive community event.

We’ve also got a bit of friendly competition going on here at the office to see who can raise the most, and you can join in by dedicating your Clean-a-thon gift. Want to help our Mad River Scientists beat those chaps in the Front Office with all their connections? Wild & Scenic is in the running too! Or if you don’t want to play favorites, you can support our Pets of SYRCL team, such as our vigilant FedEx guardian Sherwood, the majestic Greta, or the fluffy Charlemagne. (Don’t worry, they’ll all get lots of belly rubs no matter who wins.)

We all do what we can to protect the river we love. Support your friends and family’s work at the Yuba Cleanup by contributing to the Clean-a-thon today.

Share with Your People

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