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AllanHawthorne_springChinookNo salmon has reached any Sierra Nevada river’s headwaters since dams blocked their way nearly a century ago. Reestablishing salmon populations in the upper Yuba River watershed would mark an historic achievement. This ground-breaking success would be a first in California and you have the power to help make this a reality.

This year, Congress authorized the US Army Corps to conduct a $3 million ecosystem restoration feasibility study for the Yuba River. The Army Corps owns and operates Englebright and Daguerre Point Dams, which currently block salmon and steelhead from their historic habitat in the upper Yuba River.

What You Can Do Now

Submit Comment Letter

The Army Corps is soliciting public comments regarding what should be focused on in the study and we need your help to set them on the right course. Send your comments online to the Corps today and speak up for wild salmon.

Urge the Corps to focus on volitional fish passage to find long-term sustainable solutions in the Yuba River watershed, including dam removal and dam lowering scenarios.

Wild salmon feed entire ecosystems with their nutrient-rich bodies. They start and end their life cycle in the freshwater streams and rivers that braid the West Coast, traveling thousands of miles from the time they hatch until their last act in life: spawning. As part of their life’s journey, they serve as enormous pumps, pushing vast amounts of marine nutrients upstream, feeding some 137 species.

Today, Yuba salmon runs have dropped to fewer than 8,000, leading to their listing in 2002 as threatened with extinction under the Endangered Species Act. Reestablishing access to their habitat is critical not only to the restoration of this species, but the entire watershed.

Thank You

Public scoping meetings were hosted by the Army Corps of Engineers this past month in Sacramento, Nevada City, Marysville and Downieville. Thank you for being present and showing your support for the restoration of the Yuba River. In Nevada City alone, more than 120 people attended the meeting at the Nevada Helling library. Now that the public meetings are over, we need you to act. If you haven’t already, please submit a comment letter and share this online form with your friends and family.

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