Science Videos

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, South Yuba River Citizens League, Sierra Streams Institute, and Shady Creek Outdoor School formed the Yuba Watershed Education Collaborative to help provide educational resources for students and educators alike in the Yuba Watershed. Every week the Yuba Watershed Education Collaborative will be uploading new guided video lessons for students in grades K-5. Check back here for more lessons!

For “Plant Week” this week, check out our “Plant Dissection” Activity Video, featuring SYRCL River Education Manager, Ray Lubitz, sharing the mysteries of our favorite local Sierra Foothills flowers and the magic of pollination. And check out additional Native Flower & Pollinator Scavenger Hunt Materials here!

Join Shady Creek Outdoor School Naturalists Bethany and Shannon as they take a look at the different structures that birds have and how these structures help them to survive.

Wanna learn more? Check out All About Birds to find out more about the birds near you!

Chloe with the Sierra Streams Institute is teaching an activity on creating a sound maps. Get a pen, paper, something to keep time with, and a compass if you have one to take part in this fun lesson. Later in the lesson take a look at some common birds of the Sierra Nevada Foothills and listen to their songs.

The Yuba Watershed Education Collaborative brings you a close look at the the Calendula flower. Moni, and her special friend Rayitas, explore the Calendula Flower and what makes it so special. Calendula flowers are a wonderful flower to grow at your home, or just to appreciate when you can.

El Yuba Watershed Education Collaborative le ofrece una mirada cercana a la flor de la caléndula. Moni y su amigo especial Rayitas exploran la flor de la caléndula y lo que la hace tan especial. Las flores de caléndula son una planta maravillosa para cultivar en su casa, o simplemente para apreciarlas cuando pueda.

Where did your water come from? Where is it going? Join Shady Creek Outdoor School Naturalist Shannon, and her son’s Izaya and Anthony as they explore their watershed and introduce the stages in the water cycle. Then do an easy activity to help you better understand the concept of a watershed.

Rayitas and his friend Moni are exploring a local apple tree. Join them in their explorations!

Rayitas y su amigo Moni están explorando un manzano. ¡Únete a ellos en su exploración!