Yuba River Safety: Love the Yuba Like a Local

The South Yuba River is one of the most visited attractions in Nevada County, thanks to its signature emerald green swimming holes and picturesque granite boulders. Each summer, the Yuba’s popularity attracts thousands of river goers. More visitors means more coolers, more dogs, more trash, and a greater risk of fire. 

Love the Yuba like a local and help keep the Yuba River clean, healthy, and safe from fire. Before you head to the river, remember these easy steps to help protect the river and our community. Want to know more about the South Yuba River State Park and South Yuba Wild & Scenic River Recreation Area and National Trailcheck out these Frequently Asked Questions.

Volunteer River Ambassadors at Hwy 49 Crossing, 2018

News & Announcements

The South Yuba River has seen an unprecedented number of visitors this summer, leaving behind unsightly litter and garbage on beaches and trails. We are calling on our community to help “Protect Your Happy Place” by signing up for the 23rd Annual Yuba River Cleanup September 16-27, 2020. Volunteer Registration will begin August 3rd.

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Love the Yuba Like a Local

Pack it in, pack it out and remember to recycle

Please no fires, it only takes a spark

Prevent injuries, please leave glass at home

Pick up after your pets

Be aware there is no cell service at the river

Obey parking signs

Practice Responsible River Recreation

It’s always important to practice safety when visiting the river. This means staying up-to-date on river alerts, and knowing flows before you go. 

In spring and well into summer, our rivers tend to run extremely cold and fast. Make sure to check snowmelt conditions prior to your visit to predict how cold and fast the river will be running. Learn about current river conditions on Dreamflows, which shows flow in cubic feet per second (CFS).

Quick Tips for Staying Safe at the Yuba

Here at SYRCL, we like to encourage river-goers to be safe and practice responsible river recreation, throughout the seasons. Learn more about a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones while at the river. Produced by Jim Pyle and Katrina Schneider. (8/30/2017) (run time: 03:58)

  • LOOK: The river changes. Boulders shift. Debris can obstruct familiar swim ways. Look for obstructions by scouting safe landings and swim routes with a mask.

  • GRIP: Granite is smooth and slick. Wet granite is slippery. Use three points of contact when walking through and across rocks.

  • PROTECT: Moving water is powerful. Limb entrapments may be hidden. Tuck arms and legs toward the mid-line of the body to avoid being trapped under water.