Meadow Restoration Projects

SYRCL is actively working with the Tahoe National Forest to restore Loney Meadow, Deer Meadow, Van Norden Meadow, and Bear Trap Meadow. These meadows all range in size, degree of degradation, and restoration need. SYRCL is working closely with the US Forest Service and researchers to gather data (volunteer with us!) in each of these meadows to make determinations about the needs of each meadow, the best practice required to restore the stream channel and raise the groundwater level, and how our restoration efforts are benefiting the meadows.

Restoration Projects

Loney Meadow Restoration Project

Van Norden Meadow Restoration Project

Deer Meadow Restoration Project (Coming Soon!)

Bear Trap Restoration Project (Coming Soon!)

Monitoring and Assessment

Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Studies

Groundwater Monitoring

Mountain Meadows Rapid Assessment