Lower Yuba Restoration Projects

Hammon Bar Restoration Project

In 2011 and 2012 SYRCL implemented the first habitat restoration project to ever occur on the lower Yuba River. SYRCL planted over 6,000 willow and cottonwood species to groundwater depth on Hammon Bar with the goal of creating diverse riparian vegetation that will enhance fish habitat. Read more

Hallwood Restoration Project

The Hallwood Side Channel and Floodplain Restoration Project, funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, will improve habitat in the Lower Yuba River for Chinook salmon and steelhead trout. The Project has the potential to enhance or create up to 157 acres of seasonally-inundated riparian floodplain habitats, more than 1.7 miles of perennial side channels and alcoves, and more than 6.1 miles of seasonal side channels, alcoves, and swales. Read more

Lower Long Bar Restoration Project

In 2017 SYRCL was funded to work on the Long Bar Restoration Project. The project is funded by the USFWS through the Anadromous Fish Restoration Program. The intent of the project is to restore at least 40 acres of floodplain habitat and nearly one mile of off channel habitat at the downstream end of Long Bar. Read more

Upper Rose Bar Enhancement Project

The Upper Rose Bar project seeks to enhance salmonid spawning habitat by fixing a degraded gully, improving rearing habitat, and adding spawning gravels to the river. Read more

Yuba River Canyon Restoration Project

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service Anadromous Fish Restoration Program in partnership with ESA will implement The Yuba River Canyon Project to increase spawning success and enhance juvenile rearing of the Central Valley spring-run Chinook salmon evolutionarily significant unit. Read more