Our Work

Forest Health

Many forests in the Yuba watershed are unhealthy. They are over stocked with small trees and brush. And they are now susceptible to high-severity wildfire due to fire suppression and historic timber harvesting practices. On top of that, climate change is exacerbating these threats. SYRCL is partnering with the United States Forest Service (USFS), private land owners, and other nonprofits to plan and implement forest health projects across the Yuba watershed. Restoring forest health through thinning and prescribed fire will improve forest habitat, protect water supply, and decrease the risk of high severity fire. Read more


River Ambassadors

With the goal of sustained stewardship, SYRCL has developed the River Ambassador program to promote an ethic of responsible use of the Yuba. By talking face-to-face to visitors at river crossings, at beaches and on trails, River Ambassadors inspire visitors to take personal actions to protect and preserve the Yuba by “packing out” their trash and dog waste, not bringing glass, and preventing wildfires. Read more


River Cleanup

For 21 years, we’ve been partnering with the community to clean up the river. More than 800 volunteers join the effort each September and together we clean up more than 80 miles of shoreline. Since 1998, SYRCL volunteers have removed more than 267,000 pounds of trash and recycling during the annual Yuba River Cleanup that would have otherwise ended up in the river. Read more


River Education

At SYRCL, we aim to educate people of all ages to be informed, passionate stewards and lifelong advocates of the Yuba River watershed. Read more


River Monitoring

The River Monitoring program recruits and trains volunteer citizen-scientists to collect data needed to detect threats and impacts to the Yuba. The program has more than 60 active volunteer River Monitors who collect high quality baseline data at nearly 40 sites. Read more


River Restoration

The River Restoration program is focused on working with partners to rehabilitate the Yuba River, restore the health of mountain meadows, and protect the river corridors from invasive species. Restoration in the lower Yuba will improve the survival of juvenile salmonids. Meadow restoration will purify and store groundwater. Removing invasive plants will reduce fire risk and improve biodiversity. Read more


River Science

The purpose of SYRCL’s River Science program is to ensure that our advocacy and program work is informed by the best science available. River Science guides our River Monitoring and River Restoration programs, as well as our salmon restoration and dam relicensing work. The River Science program provides SYRCL with the authority to be in the forefront of scientific discussions about the Yuba. Read more


Wild & Scenic Film Festival

SYRCL’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival is a call to action. At Wild & Scenic, film-goers are transformed into a congregation of committed activists, dedicated to saving our increasingly threatened planet. Through film, Wild & Scenic both informs people about the state of the world and inspires them to take action. Wild & Scenic raises resources and awareness for SYRCL’s initiatives. In addition, SYRCL’s Film Festival On Tour serves as a national platform for local environmental advocacy. Read more