A Day in the Life of a River Monitor
SYRCL’s River Monitoring program is an award-winning model of a citizen-based effort to monitor and assess water quality conditions. Thanks to our volunteers, SYRCL has been able to build and maintain a program that is unique in its scope and dedication. Produced by Ralph, Nancy and Sol Henson. (9/6/2018) (run time: 05:13)

SYRCL’s 21st Annual Yuba River Cleanup
For the 21st year, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) called upon volunteers and the local community to join the Annual Yuba River Cleanup. On September 15, 830 volunteers removed 15,249 pounds of garbage and recyclables from 85 miles of rivers, creeks and lakes.  (8/23/2018) (run time: 01:11)

Growing Green for the Yuba: Soil Management for Healthy Plants & a Healthy Watershed
This video shows how to build soil to retain and conserve water, reduce evaporation, and prevent runoff. Produced by Sundown West Productions (5/21/2018) (run time: 05:55)

Growing Green for the Yuba: Smart Choices for Water Conservation
This video shows how to build soil to retain and conserve water, reduce evaporation, and prevent runoff. Produced by Sundown West Productions (5/21/2018) (run time: 08:22)

Growing Green for the Yuba: A Minimalist Approach to Healthy Soil
This video demonstrates a minimalist approach to creating a diverse and sustainable soil system by compost and mulch. Produced by Sundown West Productions (5/21/2018) (run time: 07:33)

SYRCL’s 5th Annual State of the Yuba 2018
On April 18th, SYRCL delivered its 5th annual State of the Yuba address. In celebration of Earth Day and the Yuba River, we invited the community to hear from our team about SYRCL’s current projects, challenges, recent successes, and opportunities to get involved. We honored our Volunteers of the Year, the Centennial Dam Working Group and Partner of the Year, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. If you missed the State of the Yuba, don’t worry! We recorded the whole evening so you can catch up on all that SYRCL is doing to protect the watershed. Watch it hereProduced by John Munro (4/18/2018).

Stop Centennial Dam and Save the Bear River
Fed by the headwaters of the Middle and the South Yuba River, the Bear River is a cultural heritage site, a recreation destination and an essential wildlife corridor. Centennial Dam would wipe out the last six miles of publicly accessible free-flowing river on the Bear. And we don’t even need this dam. Produced by Tom Weistar. (12/21/2017) (run time: 01:30)

SYRCL’s River Education Programs
SYRCL takes over 500 kids down the river each fall on Salmon Expeditions. Our vision is to educate the next generation of scientists and river advocates. Learn more about our River Education programs. Produced by Tom Weistar. (10/7/2017) (run time: 00:56)

Important Message About River Safety from SYRCL
Here at SYRCL, we like to encourage river-goers to be safe and practice responsible river recreation, throughout the seasons. Learn more about a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones while at the river. LOOK: The river changes. Boulders shift. Debris can obstruct familiar swim ways. Look for obstructions by scouting safe landings and swim routes with a mask. GRIP: Granite is smooth and slick. Wet granite is slippery. Use three points of contact when walking through and across rocks. PROTECT: Moving water is powerful. Limb entrapments may be hidden. Tuck arms and legs toward the mid-line of the body to avoid being trapped under water. Produced by Jim Pyle and Katrina Schneider. (8/30/2017) (run time: 03:58)

2017 State of the Yuba
Did you miss SYRCL’s 2017 volunteer open house and community report, State of the Yuba?  We’ve got you covered. Check out the entire program here! We recorded the whole evening so you can catch up on all that SYRCL is doing to protect the watershed. Watch it here! Produced by John Munro. (4/26/2017)

2017 Growing Green for the Yuba
SYRCL wants to inspire the community to engage in sustainable and ecologically sound cannabis cultivation in the Yuba watershed. Our scientists and concerned community members recognize that the overuse of chemical pesticides and herbicides, diversion and storage of water, and alteration of the terrain and vegetation lead to pollution and algae blooms in our streams and rivers, loss of late season stream flow, and the inadvertent poisoning of wildlife. Watch the full workshop here! Produced by Brian Ginsberg. (3/30/2017)

SYRCL’s River Ambassadors
River Ambassadors are volunteers taking action to motivate and educate the community to care for the South Yuba River! This dedicated team promotes an ethic of responsible, non-polluting use of the river by speaking one-on-one with visitors at crossings, beaches and on trails. Using a friendly, non-confrontational approach, River Ambassadors educate folks about the polluting impacts of trash and dog waste, the dangers of broken glass, and the catastrophic potential of wildfire. (2/13/2017) (run time: 01:11)

Dam Alternatives Workshop at SYRCL’s 2017 Wild and Scenic Film Festival
This workshop explores alternatives to consider in evaluating upcoming economic and environmental analyses of Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) Centennial Dam proposal. Experts discuss practical water delivery and demand efficiencies and watershed scale management opportunities. Our local water challenges and solutions will be a model for California’s sustainable water future. Join SYRCL – and take action to meet our water needs — without another big dam at Produced by Tom Weistar. (1/14/2017) (run time: 1:10:51)

SYRCL’s Short on Centennial Dam
Have you heard about the controversial plan to build Centennial Dam on the Bear River? If built, this 275-foot dam would block the last six miles of publicly accessible free-flowing river on the Bear. It would destroy fish and wildlife habitat, beloved swimming holes, and sacred Native American sites. The local water agency says they need this dam because climate change is reducing snowpack in the Yuba headwaters. Did you know that more than half of the Yuba’s waters are already diverted into the Bear River? Will they take more in the future when Centennial doesn’t fill? We don’t need a new dam generating more polluting sprawl and traffic. We can increase our water supply by restoring our forests and meadows, and use the water we do have more wisely. Join SYRCL – and take action to meet our water needs — without another big dam at (1/6/2017) (run time: 01:11) Read more…

2016 State of the Yuba
Like the President’s annual address, SYRCL’s annual “State of the Yuba” serves as a report to the citizens of the Yuba watershed on the condition of the river, to outline SYRCL’s priorities for the coming year, and most importantly, enlist all river lovers in the protection and restoration of the Yuba. We also honor our Volunteer of the Year and Partner of the Year! This FREE event is for all members of the community who care about the Yuba River and want to know more about SYRCL’s efforts to protect the watershed. (4/28/2016) (run time: 09:21) Read more…

Community Voices Concern Against Centennial Dam
This footage of NID’s Scoping Meetings (held in Grass Valley (3/9/2016) and Auburn (3/10/2016)) was provided by a volunteer of the Foothills Water Network. The editorial views included in this footage do not necessarily reflect the position of SYRCL’s Board of Directors. (4/7/2016) (run time: 1:25:01) Read more…

SYRCL Meadow Restoration
In 2015 California’s snowpack was at a 500-year low. Some people think the only solution to drought and a changing climate is to build more big dams. But what if we could restore mountain meadows to store and purify California’s drinking water? (2/2/2016) (run time: 0:45) Read more…

CA H2O: New Dams or Bust?
A panel discussion hosted by SYRCL at the 2016 Wild & Scenic Film Festival about dam building in California. Produced by Tom Weistar on Vimeo.(1/15/2016) (run time: 1:14:28)

Centennial Dam Proposal
A Centennial Dam Presentation at Sierra College by NID Director Nick Wilcox. Produced by Tom Weistar on Vimeo. (1/17/2016) (run time: 1:22:55) Read more…

SYRCL Yuba Salmon Now
The Yuba Salmon Now campaign envisions a day when wild salmon swim freely from the summit to the sea― liberated from the threat of extinction and restored to their ecological prominence in our state’s natural heritage―and once again provide jobs, world-renowned fishing, and a source of healthy food. Through advocacy, science, restoration projects and education programs, SYRCL leads a comprehensive effort to restore salmon and steelhead in the Yuba River watershed. (1/20/2016) (run time: 0:57)  Read more…

Yuba River Cleanup
Why does SYRCL produce the River Cleanup? To unite the community to keep the Yuba clean. Learn how you can get involved and how to volunteer and raise funds here –
Produced by Tom Weistar, Synergia Learning Ventures and Respond Productions. (9/4/2015) (run time: 01:26)  Read more…


2015 State of the Yuba
Full video of State of the Yuba presentation. (5/4/15) (run time: 04:54) Read more…

Wild & Scenic Film Festival Trailer – Marijuana Impacts
Growing Green for the Yuba: A Best Management Practices Workshop on Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation (3/10/2015) (run time: 01:57) Read more…

SYRCL’s 2015 Scotchbroom Challenge
SYRCL is drawing the line for invasive species at the South Yuba River corridor. We are collaborating with California State Parks, the Bureau of Land Management, private land owners and other conservation groups in the fight against invasive species. This ambitious goal calls for SYRCL’s proven ability to unite the community – and we are calling on all river lovers to join us in this effort to rid our local environment of invasive weeds. (2/24/2015) (run time: 01:15) Read more…

Wild and Scenic Film Festinval Opener 2015 – River Ambassador 
With an estimated 700,000+ people visiting the South Yuba River State Park every year and the thousands of pounds of trash removed during SYRCL’s Annual Yuba River Cleanup, the River Ambassador program was developed to prevent the South Yuba River from being “loved to death.” Produced by Well Exposed on Vimeo. (1/9/2015) (run time: 02:12) Read more…

2014 State of the Yuba
Full video of State of the Yuba presentation. (4/22/14) (run time: 01:42:13) Read more…

SYRCL’s 2013 Scotch Broom Challenge (run time: 03:53) Read more…

Join SYRCL for “Wild for the Yuba” Wine and Beer Tasting Experience April 21st, 2012! (4/17/2012) (run time: 09:00) Read more…

Governor of California: Stop the closure of South Yuba River and Malakoff Diggins State Parks (12/21/2011) (run time: 12:26)