Get Involved

photo courtesy of Joe Bell

We’ve assembled a strong team of Dam Watchdogs. Together, we are scrutinizing every angle of the Centennial Dam project and raising awareness of the impacts on the Yuba and Bear Rivers, water supply and wildlife. Join us.

If Centennial Dam is green lighted, we’ll lose beloved public and sacred land—Native American heritage sites, campgrounds, a whitewater boating run, hiking trails and river access.

Did you know that more than half of the water in the upper Middle and South Yuba River watersheds is diverted to the Bear River? Will they take more in the future when Centennial doesn’t fill?

That’s why SYRCL is turning to our supporters. With your help, we’ll shine a light on the project so the community knows what the dangers could be for the two watersheds.

Pledge to become a Centennial Dam Watchdog below.