Centennial Dam Media


Stop Centennial Dam and Save the Bear River
Fed by the headwaters of the Middle and the South Yuba River, the Bear River is a cultural heritage site, a recreation destination and an essential wildlife corridor. Centennial Dam would wipe out the last six miles of publicly accessible free-flowing river on the Bear. And we don’t even need this dam. Produced by Tom Weistar. (12/21/2017) (run time: 01:30)

Why is NID refusing to live-stream its board meetings?

Tell NID to step into the 21st century and commit to live streaming its public meetings and providing online video replay. Produced by Jim Pyle. (5/3/2017) (run time: 00:29)

Centennial Dam Watchdog Activist Summit

On March 13, SYRCL brought together a panel of speakers chosen for their expertise in law, hydrology, ecology, water politics, community activism, and local history. Speakers provided information about the scope and cost of the Centennial Dam project, the risks associated with building the dam, sustainable alternatives, and how community members can take action to challenge this contested proposal. This event was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Denis Kutch, of the Nevada Theatre Commission, and Terry and Karen Brown. Produced by Tom Weistar. (3/13/2017) (run time: 2:30:35)

League of Women Voters presents “Centennial Dam and Regional Water Resources”

On March 11, the League of Women Voters of Western Nevada County invited SYRCL’s Executive Director, Caleb Dardick, and Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) General Manager, Rem Scherzinger, to present on Centennial Dam. Produced by Tom Weistar. (3/11/2017) (run time: 1:39:11)

To see independent films about Centennial Dam and the Bear River, visit BearRiver.Earth. Some of the films have been screened at SYRCL’s Wild and Scenic Film Festival, but as per organizational policy, we do not endorse any specific messaging contained in the films.