SYRCL’s Salmon Expeditions Serve More Students

Earlier this month, we resumed Salmon Expeditions for grade school students from Nevada and Yuba counties after a year away from the river.

SYRCL has worked with schools to implement COVID-safety precautions so the organization can float nearly 1,200 students down the lower Yuba River on rafts to witness spawning salmon. Thanks to a generous grant from Yuba Water Agency, students from Title 1 schools in Yuba County are able to attend free of charge.


SYRCL Opposes Idaho-Maryland Mine

In November 2019, Rise Gold submitted a project description to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine with the hope of extracting gold on the 119-acre New Brunswick site as well as the 56-acre site on Idaho-Maryland Road.

SYRCL has been researching the project since 2019. Earlier this year, SYRCL’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to oppose the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

Shortly after, on July 28, 2021, SYRCL joined ten other local and regional environmental organizations in signing a letter to Mr. Patrick Pulupa, the Executive Officer of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, to express deep concern over the impacts reopening the mine could have on water quality and flows.


How Can We Stop Illegal Dumping?

Following the success of this year’s Yuba River Cleanup, in which volunteers hauled out more than six tons of trash and recyclables, we may want to take a moment to consider why cleanup programs are so necessary and why illegal dumping is such a frequent occurrence in the Yuba River watershed and throughout Nevada County.


Raft California Donates Recycling Proceeds to SYRCL

A big ‘Thank You’ to Raft California and Teagan Santin for choosing SYRCL as the recipient of their aluminum can recycling profits! SYRCL is very grateful for the generous donation, which will help to support the work we do to protect and restore the Yuba River watershed.


Hammon Bar: A Restoration Success Story

Seven years ago, SYRCL began the first project in the Lower Yuba River to restore salmon habitat.

In 2011 and 2012 SYRCL planted nearly 6,500 willow and cottonwood cuttings across 5 acres to improve the floodplain habitat that fish use during high flow periods as refuge from swift moving water in the main river channel. 

One goal of this project was to increase riparian vegetation which would provide improved fish habitat through the increase in shading, cover, food availability, and creating geomorphic and hydraulic complexity on the floodplain.


Algae: The Good & the Bad in the Yuba

We have fielded a lot of questions in the past few weeks about water temperatures in the South Yuba. Are they higher than normal?


Signs of Spring at Hallwood: Restoration Update

With more than 1.2 million cubic yards of goldrush-era mining sediment removed, historic floodplain habitat has been exposed for Chinook salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon. Today, miles of seasonal and perennial side channel habitats were carefully engineered to provide additional rearing habitat for native salmonids like Chinook salmon. Details


Restore the Yuba – Volunteers Needed

Join SYRCL scientist and Bear Yuba Land Trust for the 2021 Scotch Broom Challenge on Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11th from 10am-2pm. SYRCL is looking for 4-8 volunteers each day to help remove invasive species in the Yuba Watershed. Details


SYRCL Receives Support to Build Forest Resilience & Assess Wildfire Impacts

SYRCL’s Watershed Science team is involved in efforts to foster forest resiliency to prevent future high-intensity forest fires and to catalogue the impacts of fire suppression techniques. This work is done in collaboration with many incredible partners, including volunteers as well as local, regional, and national organizations. In this article, we highlight recent support SYRCL has received for this important work. Details