Protect the Yuba – Summer Volunteers Needed

Summer Volunteers Needed at the River

SYRCL is recruiting 70 volunteers to be River Ambassadors at the South Yuba River this summer.  You can become a river steward and help protect the Yuba River from being “loved to death” by helping to educate guests about river safety and etiquette. Get involved today!

  • River Ambassador Information Session for NEW VOLUNTEERS  – Wednesday, April 7th @ 6pm
  • River Ambassador Training  –  Wednesday, May 12th @ 6pm  
  • River Ambassador Start Date – Saturday, May 29th @ 10am

Volunteers will be asked to adhere to COVID safety protocols to keep us all safe.

Event: River Ambassadors

Dates: Saturday’s & Sunday’s, May 29 – Sept 6

Time: 10am to 2pm

Location: South Yuba River Crossings

Total Volunteers Needed: 70

The Yuba River "Secret" is Out

The Yuba River has quickly changed from being a hidden gem to a social media influencer, tempting newcomers with its emerald green pools and Wild & Scenic beauty. 2020 was an unprecedented year, in which thousands of first-time visitors ventured to the Yuba to explore and escape quarantine fatigue.   

This influx of visitors created parking  problems, trash, fire, and human waste issues up and down the river canyon.  We expect that many people will return to the river again this summer, which is why we need your help. When visitors meet community members at the river, they are more likely to value, protect, and care for it.   River Ambassadors are stationed at river crossings to welcome folks and provide guests with the knowledge they need to be responsible and safe while at the river. 

What do River Ambassadors do?

River Ambassadors are our boots-on-the-ground protectors of the Yuba River.  Volunteers use a friendly, non-confrontational approach to educate and inform visitors about river rules and ethics while recreating on our beaches, trails, and river.  

Each weekend, a team of River Ambassadors are assigned to: 

  • set-up booths and visitor signage
  • provide one-on-one communication with new visitors on rules & ethics while at the South Yuba River
  • remove trash and recycling from beaches and trails
  • monitor free life-jacket stations
  • remove graffiti and dismantle illegal fire rings 
  • hand out free River Safety Bandanas
  • contact emergency services when accidents happen
  • enjoy some river-time

We work with California State Parks, the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service to provide information to the public on where to visit and how to visit responsibly.   


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