Rivers Lab Returns February 25th!

Rivers Lab Continues Online

Rivers Lab, SYRCL’s monthly scientific report book club, will return on February 25th and will continue on the fourth Thursday of each month  through June. We will meet online via Zoom until it is safe to convene once again in the SYRCL conference room.

For those who aren’t familiar, Rivers Lab is a paper-reading and discussion group formed to gather our community of river lovers and to practice scientific literacy. Our goal is to increase access to the knowledge within academic papers and foster a deeper understanding of the ecosystems we live in and care for. Rivers Lab is a collaborative effort between all participants in which we discuss a publication, ask questions, and enjoy each other’s company.

Participants receive scientific literature ahead of time and convene during the lunch hour to discuss the topics and gain insights from the collective wisdom of the group. From novice to professional and everywhere in between, attendees have the opportunity to further their knowledge on subjects of mutual interest and to share different perspectives and interpretations of a particular issue.

Let's Talk About Where Restoration Happens!

This month we will be discussing a study of stream restoration projects in coastal California. This study seeks to define biases that may influence the form that restoration efforts take, as well as the locations in which they occur. 

This Rivers Lab will be led by Aliya Ingersoll, the AmeriCorps Restoration Coordinator.

Rivers Lab is a no-pressure environment and a great way to learn more about the ecosystems that surround us by reading relevant scientific literature. Encourage your friends to sign up – the greater diversity of thought, the merrier!

Here’s how Rivers Lab will work this February:

  1. We will meet from 12:00 – 1:00 pm on Thursday, February 25th on the video conference app, Zoom. 
    • Zoom invitations will be sent via the Rivers Lab email invitation.
  2. Be prepared by reading the papers beforehand.
  3. Be on time, log in a few minutes early even!
  4. If you are able, please have the following items available:
    • A copy of the paper (hard or online)
    • Paper / pens / laptop / tablet for taking notes
    • Questions, comments, critiques, compliments about the paper
    • Ideas for future topics and discussions
    • A readiness to practice scientific literacy with your community!

AmeriCorps River Restoration Coordinator Aliya Ingersoll, our Rivers Lab host this year, says: “I’m so excited to host this event this year. There are many barriers to knowledge, but we can empower each other by gathering and sharing our thoughts and perspectives. This particular article gave me a lot of food for thought with regard to my relationship to the places I love and I’m excited to hear all of your thoughts and to be in conversation with you.”

Want to join the email list and participate in upcoming Rivers Lab? Or have other questions? Please contact Aliya Ingersoll at aliya@yubariver.org.


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