River Ambassador Volunteers Needed

We love the South Yuba River and with so much Wild & Scenic beauty how could you not? Our river grows more popular each year with nearly 800,000 visitors drawn annually by beautiful photos of folks swimming through emerald pools surrounded by smooth, limestone boulders.   

Unfortunately, what isn’t communicated through these beautiful photos are the details on parking issues, tourism impacts to the river, river conditions and wildfire conditions…and now we have social distancing to factor into the mix. Each day hundreds, if not thousands of visitors arrive to our pristine river, but rarely leave it that way. However, now is your chance to help the Yuba.

To keep the South Yuba River from being “loved to death,” SYRCL created the River Ambassador program in partnership with California State Parks. River Ambassadors are volunteers passionate about the health and safety of our river and our river community. Ambassadors serve as diplomats for the South Yuba River Citizens League. They warmly welcome visitors to the river, provide river safety information, answer visitor questions, and contact emergency services when accidents happen. 

“As River Ambassadors we carry out our duties with a diplomatic demeanor.” says Daniel Belshe, SYRCL’s Community Engagement Manager. “We aren’t enforcers. We have a goal of keeping a positive relationship between visitors and the Yuba River, we are there to assist visitors with information to keep our river safe and clean for everyone. This year we will need more help than ever. Even with current shelter-in-place still in effect, we are seeing crowds of visitors already returning to the river.”

The effects of COVID-19 postponed the River Ambassador program, but we hope volunteering can resume by July 4th weekend. Although this date may be extended if COVID-19 conditions worsen.

If you are interested in protecting the Yuba as a River Ambassador volunteer this summer, please contact Shannon Hedge, Education and Outreach Coordinator at shannon@yubariver.org.


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