Yuba Forests Need Your Help: Matching Gift Opportunity

You already love the Yuba and understand that only a community united can save a river.

Now the Yuba is at another crossroads – this time the danger isn’t a dam, polluting run-off, or even hydraulic mining. It’s the state of the forests within the Yuba watershed—more than 1,300 square miles.

Current forest conditions in the North Yuba River watershed, overstocked with small trees and brush, and at risk of high-severity wildfire (left). Mixed conifer forest stand effectively managed through thinning and prescribed fire (right). Photo credit SYRCL.

Many forests in the Yuba watershed are unhealthy. They are over stocked with small trees and brush. And they are now susceptible to high-severity wildfire due to fire suppression and historic timber harvesting practices. On top of that, climate change is exacerbating these threats. We must act now because our community and watershed are vulnerable.

Only with you and other members can SYRCL be responsive and nimble to do whatever it takes to safeguard our watershed.

Your special gift will support our work to:

  • Design forest health projects so Yuba forests will be resilient to wildfire rather than a victim of it
  • Improve habitat for wildlife and native plant species
  • Protect and secure water supplies
  • Help develop a local restoration economy that can create sustainable jobs working to protect our forests

Please give as generously as you can to our efforts to protect our Yuba forests, homes, and wildlife, and create a resilient watershed that can cope effectively with fire. If you donate by December 31, a generous donor will match your gift, making your contribution go twice as far for the health and safety of the river.


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