Trash or Treasure – What’s New for the Cleanup

After the Cleanup — Don’t miss the VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PARTY in Pioneer Park

After the Cleanup, come to Pioneer Park, Nevada City from 1pm-3pm. All volunteers registered by September 15th will enjoy a delicious FREE lunch from Emily’s Catering, BriarPatch Coop, and Diego’s, no-host beer garden with tasty brews from local vendors, lively music by Farrow and the Peach Leaves, and great company. This is a beautiful and inspiring community event and we want to appreciate you, our hard working volunteers!


More than 900 volunteers will participate in this community-wide effort to keep 80 miles of Bear and Yuba watershed shoreline safe, healthy and trash-free. Join us!

Join the Clean-a-thon?

It takes resources to mobilize this massive community event. Help us bring in grassroots support to protect the Yuba and become a Clean-a-thon fundraiser today!

What’s NEW? Trash OR Treasure CONTEST

We’re stepping up our trash game to make your 2019 Cleanup experience even more interesting. During the Cleanup keep on the lookout for unique trash that might give you a win! Bring your treasure to the Volunteer Appreciation Party and enter one of our categories of the Yuba Cleanup Trash Contest. 

Categories include:

  • Most Useful Find – Did you find something that can still be used for something? Upcycled? If you think it might be the most useful trash find of the Cleanup, enter to win.
  • Most Historical Find – Is it old? Rusty? A cool old bottle, a rusty old shovel, gold nugget? Bring it and enter it.
  • Most Unusual Find – What is that? A car door, a toilet, a suitcase full of Barbie Dolls, a bag of llama wool? Enter your most unusual trash finds. 
  • Most Fashionable Find – Purple Polka-Dot Bikini? Jedi Flip-Flops? Pack it up and bring it back and see if your river fashion is forward enough for our judges.

RULES: One item may be entered in the trash contest per person.  To win you must be able to bring your piece of trash back safely to the party.  Items already found in nature, (animals, flora, fauna) need not apply and let it stay where it lays. All entries will be voted on during the Volunteer Appreciation Party and winners will be chosen. Prizes awarded to winners!

The Entertainment – FARROW & THE PEACH LEAVES

With driving, locomotive rhythm, soaring guitars, and back-porch style harmonies, Farrow & the Peach Leaves runs the country spectrum, from smoky honky tonks to the particular California country grief only found in Nevada County. Reverb Raccon describes them as “a band about to burst through that weathered barn door that separates a good club band from whatever lies on the other side.” You won’t want to miss this great opportunity to see this band. 


Help us organize a zero-waste event. Don’t forget to bring your:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Pint cup–brews are $5 with your own reusable cup!
  • $ for beer garden
  • Lawn chairs, picnic blankets, shade umbrellas
  • Sunscreen and a sun hat

Thank you for bringing your own materials to keep event-generated waste to a minimum.


Parking is limited at the park–please carpool.  Alternative options:

  • Carpool with friends from the Rood Center, 1.4 miles
  • Park and walk from the SYRCL office parking lot, .4 miles
  • Park and walk from the small lot at Broad St and Nevada St, .4 miles
  • Park and walk from the small lot near Vets Hall off Cottage St or Commercial St, .6 miles
  • Park on surrounding residential streets and walk
  • Teleport
  • Ride your bike!


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