SYRCL is Hiring

Join the SYRCL team. We are looking for a few awesome river-lovers to join our team. If you are passionate about the Yuba River, positive, self-motivated and have the skill set to match our needs, please apply today.

River Science Project Manager

SYRCL is seeking to hire a River Science Project Manager who will work within the Yuba River watershed to plan and implement SYRCL’s restoration projects, conduct scientific monitoring, oversee the River Education program, and work with the River Science Director as a key member of SYRCL’s Interdisciplinary River Science Team. DETAILS

Protect Our Yuba this Summer as a River Captain

SYRCL is seeking to hire four part-time River Captains who are enthusiastic and passionate about the Yuba River and its health. The River Ambassador program runs 15 weekends between May 25th and September 2nd, with two trainings for Captains in May and July. River Captains work three to four weekends per month, spending Saturdays and Sundays at the river with River Ambassador volunteers educating visitors about best stewardship and fire-safety practices. DETAILS


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