Wild & Scenic Film Festival Submissions Are Open

Be a part of the movement to use film to inspire activism.

At SYRCL‘s Wild & Scenic Film Festival, we show environmental and adventure films that illustrate the earth’s beauty, the challenges facing our planet, and the work communities are doing to protect the environment. We seek cutting-edge and provocative films about a wide variety of topics including environmental justice, community activism, adventure, conservation, water, energy and climate change, wildlife, land preservation, agriculture, and indigenous cultures.

Submissions are now open for the 17th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival, occurring January 17-21, 2019.

Rather than selecting a theme for the 2019 festival, as has been our tradition over the past several years, we are choosing to stand beside our tagline “where activism gets inspired”. We look forward to reviewing your environmental and adventure films that will have the opportunity to educate, motivate, and activate thousands of people to make positive change, locally and globally.

While we are not selecting a theme on which to focus this year, the timing of the festival provides meaningful context. Always during the weekend preceding Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we are reminded of how intrinsically connected the environmental and civil rights movements are. In his 1967 Christmas Eve sermon, Dr. King said “It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.”

We are in this together, and the positive impacts we can make for the environmental movement are profound if we work with this interconnectedness in mind.

Film is a powerful medium for storytelling and we recognize our role in carefully choosing the stories that will inspire our audiences to engage in meaningful activism.  We invite you to read Wild & Scenic’s Statement of Inclusion and learn how as a festival and a platform for activism, we are committed to including and celebrating a diversity of voices and perspectives in both our programming and in our attendees who visit the event each year.

We encourage you to submit your work early.
We offer discounted entry fees the earlier you submit:

Early Bird deadline: June 30: $40
Regular deadline: August 15: $45
Late deadline: September 4: $50
Extended deadline: September 24 $65

Open submissions run from May 15 through September 24, 2018. We encourage shorts and features from filmmakers of all backgrounds and skill levels. For the full rundown of terms and conditions, visit our Submit Your Film page. Ready to submit? Head over to Film Freeway and upload your film today. If you have any questions about submitting your film, please do not hesitate to reach out to Wild & Scenic Film Festival Programming Manager, Jess Swigonski, 530-265-5961 x 219


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