Member Spotlight: Layla

Layla Kaye
Layla Kaye, SYRCL Member Since 2013. Her favorite Yuba locale is Maybert Rd. by the town of Washington.

Layla Kaye is 13 years old, and decided to support SYRCL as part of her Bat Mitzvah. When she’s older, Layla thinks she may want to be a photographer, because she loves how you can capture a moment and keep it forever, or a kindergarten teacher, because she loves little kids. She attends Black Pine Circle School in Berkeley, C.A. where her favorite sport is volleyball, and her favorite subject is English. And she loves going to the Yuba River!

Her favorite things to do when she visits the Yuba are to swim and to sit by the river. When asked why she chose to support SYRCL, she answered simply: ”I have been going to the river every year and I just want to give back to it.”
Thank you, Layla– from SYRCL and everyone who enjoys the Yuba!

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