Salmon Tours: Sign Up Today for Our Famous Floats Down the Yuba!

Behold the Chinook Salmon

Join us this fall on a float down the Yuba River, and witness for yourself the amazing natural wonder of wild Chinook salmon in their spawning grounds. SYRCL River Naturalists and the excellent river guides at Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC) are offering to take you and your family on an adventure down the river to see Yuba salmon in their natural habitat. So hold on to your paddles, this tour down the Yuba will teach you about the salmon life cycle, their ecology, the impact humans have on these incredible fish, and give you an inside look into SYRCL’s effort to restore salmon habitat at the Hammon Bar Restoration project.


2012 Salmon Tour Dates:

October 13th

October 27th

November 3rd

To register contact Davido Crow, ETC River Manager at 415-474-7662 or


Current SYRCL members only $50

Non-members $65

Children 8-12 $35

For more information, contact Jessica Roberts, Watershed Coordinator, at or call 265-5961 ext. 209.


One thought on “Salmon Tours: Sign Up Today for Our Famous Floats Down the Yuba!

  1. And the dam that they are petitioning to build for the power generation will greatly impair these WILD YUBA chinook salmon… so advocating with the momentum to "See the Endangered Salmon, to Support and Help Save the Last Wild-run of Yuba River Salmon" is what I'm talking about!

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