Invasive Species Removal

Not all introduced species are invasive. A non-native species becomes invasive when it begins to dominate native habitats and out competes other native species. Invasive species are of particular concern to the Yuba watershed because they negatively impact the ecosystem, degrade habitats that are important to fish and wildlife, and increase fire danger. SYRCL, with the assistance of dedicated volunteers, works to document the extent of specific invasive species across our watershed and has adopted areas to remove Scotchbroom, Himalayan blackberry, periwinkle (Vinca sp.), and English ivy in riparian areas within the Yuba watershed.

Invasive Species Mapping

Untitled Invasive Species Map

SYRCL is gathering data on the extent of invasive species infestation within the Yuba watershed. The result of this data collection is our invasive species map ( that displays invasive species sightings reported across the watershed. Mapping the invasive species located in our watershed will help us identify future target areas for restoration activities.

DSCN0595 Scotch Broom Removal

Invasive Species Removal

SYRCL is drawing the line for invasive species at the South Yuba River corridor. We are collaborating with California State Parks, the Bureau of Land Management, private land owners and other conservation groups in the fight against invasive species. This ambitious goal calls for SYRCL’s proven ability to unite the community – and we are calling on all river lovers to join us in this effort to rid our local environment of invasive weeds.

Resources for SYRCL’s Invasive Weed Removal Program:

  • Click here to watch a video on SYRCL’s 2013 Scotch Broom Challenge at Hoyt’s Crossing – Filmed by Craig Rohrsen and Produced by Tony Loro.
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