Taking Action for Yuba Salmon


Thanks to the 2380 citizens who took action and signed letters to Governor Brown and U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker urging them to have their agencies to look for a sustainable plan for volitional fish passage on the Yuba, and immediately support large-scale salmon habitat improvement projects on the lower Yuba River.

We all know that wild salmon and steelhead trout are in jeopardy of extinction, and now our agencies know that citizens who love the Yuba River watershed are insistent on plans developed with sound science and sincere community involvement.

SYRCL had an immediate response to the Yuba Salmon Partnership Initiative when this group announced in May 2015 their plan to trap and truck salmon around dams, both to and from the North Yuba River. With an estimated price tag of $700 million, this “trap & haul” plan is a questionable means of restoring salmon, and would take at least 20 years to implement, even then doing nothing to benefit steelhead trout. Now, they know that we have the watershed community behind us in asking for a more inclusive process, and an alternative plan that can actually restore watershed health while allowing fish to swim to and from their habitat.

Your voice has been heard. SYRCL is working for your interest.

After delivering the letters, we are meeting with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Marine Fisheries Service to make sure that your voice, and the interests of this watershed, are incorporated into restoration plans. We’re advocating that decision-makers examine the best available science to develop a fish passage plan that allows salmon and steelhead to get by the dams on their own – one that benefits the health of the entire Yuba River watershed.

Most importantly, and for the near future, we are working with a diverse coalition of groups and many local landowners to promote real restoration on the Lower Yuba River where many miles of river and floodplain can be transformed into vital fish and wildlife habitat.Yuba River Waterkeeper Logo

Wild salmon can be saved from extinction and the Yuba is the best opportunity for restoration. SYRCL is poised to spearhead this effort, but we need your help to create the political will in Sacramento to secure the funding and get to work.

Please join SYRCL, support Yuba Salmon Now, go on a Salmon Tour, and be ready for the next time we need citizens to take action for the future of wild salmon and a healthy Yuba River.