Yuba Salmon Now

The Yuba Salmon Now campaign envisions a day when wild salmon swim freely from the summit to the sea― liberated from the threat of extinction and restored to their ecological prominence in our state’s natural heritage―and once again provide jobs, world-renowned fishing, and a source of healthy food. Through advocacy, science, restoration projects and education programs, SYRCL leads a comprehensive effort to restore salmon and steelhead in the Yuba River watershed.

Yuba Salmon NowYuba Salmon Now Campaign Plan

The Yuba Salmon Now Campaign Plan, details our accomplishments and lays out our strategy to both restore salmon habitat in the lower Yuba River and get salmon past Englebright Dam into the upper Yuba. Read more

Yuba Salmon Partnership Initiative’s (YSPI) “Trap and Haul” Plan 

SYRCL opposes plan released on May 7 by the Yuba Salmon Partnership Initiative to truck salmon to and from the North Yuba River. Read more

Army Corps’ Feasibility Study

Englebright Dam and Daguerre Point Dam are owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. SYRCL’s advocacy work has led to a $3M study process called the Yuba River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study. The study is an important opportunity to formalize a federal interest in projects to improve fish passage and fish habitat. Read more


Taking Action for Yuba Salmon.

We all know that wild salmon and steelhead trout are in jeopardy of extinction, but what can be done here on the Yuba River?  Thousands of you have spoken now through letters to Governor Brown and the federal government. We are doing the work!  And citizens may soon need to speak up again for wild salmon. Read more

stingerLower Yuba Restoration

The Lower Yuba River has been dramatically altered by hydraulic mining sediments, dredger mining, dams, levees, and alteration of flows. SYRCL is leading efforts to rehabilitate the lower Yuba River for salmon, steelhead, riparian vegetation, and wildlife by developing specific project concepts. Read more

Recovering Threatened Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon 

Three fish species native to the Yuba River are threatened with risk of extinction: Spring-run Chinook salmon, steelhead trout and green sturgeon. Our goal is to restore healthy conditions in the Yuba River so as to eliminate the risk of extinction and provide the ecological and cultural benefits to our watershed which are associated with healthy native fish populations. Read more

spaulding2Dams and Hydropower

Since the latter part of the nineteenth century the Yuba River watershed has included many man-made structures to manage its water flows. In accordance with Federal Power Act, many of these historic structures became part of federally regulated hydroelectric power projects and licensed every 30-50 years by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. SYRCL works with a diverse coalition of conservation groups through the process of hydropower project relicensing. Read more

IMG_0379-300x225Salmon Tours

Join SYRCL River Science staff and wonderful river guides on a float trip down the lower Yuba to see spawning salmon.  This educational and fun day on a raft includes learning about the Yuba River ecosystem, how mining has impacted the river, SYRCLs work to protect salmon, and viewing one of SYRCL’s major restoration projects at Hammon Bar. Read more

Yuba Salmon Now

Yuba Salmon Now Resources

Recent documents and filings involving the Yuba Salmon Now Campaign. Read more