12/12/2017 — Join us at the NID Board Meeting Tomorrow

Join us at the next NID Board Meeting – Tomorrow at 9am

When: Wednesday, December 13 (9:00am)
Where: 1036 West Main Street, Grass Valley
Tomorrow’s Agenda
The NID Board meets on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month at 9:00am.

Centennial, a 19th-century Solution
to a 21st-century Problem

Centennial Dam is a 19th-century solution to a 21st-century problem. There’s plenty of water within the current system, even with population increases. This dam is not needed. We need innovative solutions in the face of climate change.”

Meanwhile, Decaying Infrastructure

The Problem at Rollins DamThe Sacramento Bee, 12/07/2017
The dam at Rollins Reservoir, just above the proposed Centennial Dam site, is in a state of decay. The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) hasn’t been able to demonstrate to state inspectors that one of its valves operates properly since 2014.

Please Help Us Oppose Centennial Dam on All Fronts

NID has submitted a proposal to the California Water Commission for $11.95 million. It’s a paltry request for this colossal project. Still, NID is pushing the unsubstantiated idea among state officials that Centennial creates additional habitat and recreational opportunities. This is outrageous.

Help us tell the California Water Commission that projects that destroy cultural heritage sites, swimming and fishing holes, 2,200 acres of river canyon forests, and riparian and wetland ecosystems do not benefit the public.

Please sign-on to this letter to the California Water Commission (CWC), asking them to deny NID’s request for $11.95 million for Centennial Dam because the project would destroy too much and NID fails to prove it adds any net public benefits.

We have to let state decision-makers know that Centennial Dam is a financial boondoggle that would sacrifice too much for our community and the Bear River.

Volunteer registration for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival opens December 1 and closes December 31.

Op-Ed | Peter Van Zant: Centennial Dam and Reservoir – What is the Cost and Who pays?

December 6, 2017 – In 2009 the Brown administration proposed the Twin Tunnel ‘Water Fix’ project to ship water from Northern California watersheds to Southern California water districts at a price tag of some $17 billion dollars. It included a financing plan: the project would be paid for by water districts and their customers getting the water. Water districts are now deciding whether to commit and many are not. Read article here.

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