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August 28, 2017 — YubaNet — Otis Wollan — NID can’t have it both ways

August 24, 2017 — YubaNet — John Volz — Murky Waters at Nevada Irrigation District

August 16, 2017 — YubaNet — NID applies for $11.95 million in WSIP funding for Centennial

August 10, 2017 — The Union — Nevada Irrigation District applies for Centennial Dam funding

August 9, 2017 — YubaNet — Diana Suarez — Is the NID Board abdicating its responsibility for sound and sensible water management?

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Show Up Tomorrow & Oppose CA Taxpayer Money for Centennial (8/8/2017)

Conservation Groups to Army Corps: “Centennial Dam Puts Too Much at Risk – Seek Alternatives” Foothills Water Network (4/12/2017)


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07/26/2017 – NID Faces Mounting Public Opposition

06/27/2017 – Live Streaming Reconsidered Tomorrow

06/15/2017 – Take Action at Next NID Board Meeting June 28

06/02/2017 – NID Puts the Cart before the Horse


Why is NID refusing to live-stream its board meetings?

Tell NID to step into the 21st century and commit to live streaming its public meetings and providing online video replay.

Produced by Jim Pyle. (5/3/2017) (run time: 00:29)

Centennial Dam Watchdog Activist Summit

On March 13, SYRCL brought together a panel of speakers chosen for their expertise in law, hydrology, ecology, water politics, community activism, and local history. Speakers provided information about the scope and cost of the Centennial Dam project, the risks associated with building the dam, sustainable alternatives, and how community members can take action to challenge this contested proposal. This event was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Denis Kutch, of the Nevada Theatre Commission, and Terry and Karen Brown. Produced by Tom Weistar. (3/13/2017) (run time: 2:30:35)

League of Women Voters presents “Centennial Dam and Regional Water Resources”

On March 11, the League of Women Voters of Western Nevada County invited SYRCL’s Executive Director, Caleb Dardick, and Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) General Manager, Rem Scherzinger, to present on Centennial Dam.

Produced by Tom Weistar. (3/11/2017) (run time: 1:39:11)

Did you miss the Army Corps of Engineers’s (USACE) scoping meeting for the Centennial Dam project in Auburn on March 1st? Check out this live stream feed of  USACE’s presentation.

Join us at the first public NOI Scoping Meeting for Centennial Dam and be a part of the environmental review process! It's currently STANDING ROOM ONLY.The second public NOI Scoping Meeting is in Grass Valley TOMORROW at the Holiday Inn from 4:30-7:00!Sign up to be a Dam Watchdog online and stay informed about this fast moving project at

Posted by Whitney Christine on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Join SYRCL – and take action to meet our water needs — without another big dam at Footage provided by Whitney Logue. (3/1/2017) (run time: 19:12)

How a New Dam on the Bear River Threatens Native American’s Living Culture: Workshop at SYRCL’s 2017 Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Shelly Covert, Nevada City Rancheria Tribal Council Secretary and Spokesperson, leads this panel discussion about the impact dams have had historically on Native Tribes. The workshop includes discussion of the dangers of the proposed new dam on the Bear River.

Join SYRCL – and take action to meet our water needs — without another big dam at Produced by Tom Weistar. (1/15/2017) (run time: 1:23:22)

Dam Alternatives Workshop at SYRCL’s 2017 Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Climate change is upon us and will continue affecting the water supply profile of the Yuba and Bear River watersheds in unpredictable ways. Recognizing this, Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has proposed one possible action: build another dam on the Bear River. Is this the most economical, sustainable, and resilient answer for California? This workshop explores alternatives to consider in evaluating upcoming economic and environmental analyses of NID’s proposal. Experts discuss practical water delivery and demand efficiencies and watershed scale management opportunities. Our local water challenges and solutions will be a model for California’s sustainable water future. Join SYRCL – and take action to meet our water needs — without another big dam at Produced by Tom Weistar. (1/14/2017) (run time: 1:10:51)

SYRCL’s Short on Centennial Dam
Have you heard about the controversial plan to build Centennial Dam on the Bear River? If built, this 275-foot dam would block the last six miles of publicly accessible free-flowing river on the Bear. It would destroy fish and wildlife habitat, beloved swimming holes, and sacred Native American sites. The local water agency says they need this dam because climate change is reducing snowpack in the Yuba headwaters. Did you know that more than half of the Yuba’s waters are already diverted into the Bear River? Will they take more in the future when Centennial doesn’t fill? We don’t need a new dam generating more polluting sprawl and traffic. We can increase our water supply by restoring our forests and meadows, and use the water we do have more wisely. Join SYRCL – and take action to meet our water needs — without another big dam at (1/6/2017) (run time: 1:11)

Community Voices Concern Against Centennial Dam
This footage of NID’s Scoping Meetings (held in Grass Valley (3/9/2016) and Auburn (3/10/2016)) was provided by a volunteer of the Foothills Water Network. The editorial views included in this footage do not necessarily reflect the position of SYRCL’s Board of Directors. (run time: 1:25:01)

CA H2O: New Dams or Bust?
This footage of a panel discussion hosted by SYRCL at the 2016 Wild & Scenic Film Festival about dam building in California on 1/15/2016 was filmed by Tom Weistar. (run time: 1:14:28)

Centennial Dam Proposal
This presentation on Centennial Dam by NID Director Nick Wilcox on 1/17/2016, was filmed at at Sierra College by Tom Weistar. (run time: 1:22:55)

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