Yuba River Cleanup Volunteer Party

After the Cleanup — Don’t miss the VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PARTY in Pioneer Park

Come to Pioneer Park, Nevada City from 1pm-5pm.  Registered volunteers will enjoy: a delicious lunch, no-host beer garden with tasty brews from local vendors, music by Ayla Nereo and Scott Nice, and great company.  This is a beautiful and inspiring community event and we want to appreciate you, our hard working volunteers!


More than 850 volunteers will participate in this community-wide effort to keep 80 miles of Bear and Yuba watershed shoreline safe, healthy and trash-free. Join us!


In celebration of our 20th Anniversary of the Cleanup, this year’s theme is SYRCL THROWBACK.  Do you have a vintage Cleanup or SYRCL tee? Perhaps you want to dust off your fanny pack and tube socks? Whatever you fancy, we hope you and your friends will bring your team spirit and own unique interpretation of Throwback to the Cleanup and volunteer appreciation party. Costumes are highly encouraged!


One very lucky person will win a stunning Raven West guitar, signed by Graham Nash Generously donated by Volz Bros. with appreciation to Nina and Mike Snegg. Tickets are on sale now at $20 per ticket!

SYRCL Headquarters, 313 Railroad Ave. #101,Nevada City, CA
Volz Bros. Automotive, 12048 Charles Dr. #2, Grass Valley, CA


Help us organize a zero-waste event. Don’t forget to bring your:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Pint cup–brews are $5 with your own reusable cup!
  • $ for beer garden
  • Lawn chairs, picnic blankets, shade umbrellas
  • Sunscreen and a sun hat
  • Your SYRCL THROWBACK costume. Coordinate with your team to make a splash!

Thank you for bringing your own materials to keep event-generated waste to a minimum.


Ayla Nereo. Beauty-maker. Hymn merchant. Earth guardian. Wisdom-whisperer.

Ayla Nereo is a shining star armed with guitar and loop pedal, her majestic vocals soaring atop sublime percussion and heart-blooming melodies. Backed by a small band of percussionists, keys, harp, and strings, she builds layer upon layer of vocal melodies into fierce, sweeping harmonies and syncopated threads of sound. Her lucid storytelling and lyrical imagery are water for the thirsty soul; words and melodies that crack open the heart, and embody the many folds of our own selves.

Raised on opera, 60s folk, and psychedelic rock, Ayla’s music touches both the timeless and modern; where prayerful circle songs, mantra, and roots music meet ancient beats and folktronica. Crafting an immersive soundscape we can dive into, Ayla’s performances are each their own inspired journey; an enchanting and poignant experience that holds you by the heart and doesn’t let go.

Scott Nice. DJ. Producer. Student of the Turntable. Friend to all animals.

Northern California producer Scott Nice brings the listeners mind and heart into a flowing adventure through world music colors, sounds of the jungle, and dance music aesthetics. This is art rooted in indigenous cultures and traditions; the vibrations find a home in nature’s resplendent environs. Scott, a former turntablist who has logged time in the skateboard and snowboard industries, returned to making music with a newfound clarity and focus following health challenges that saw him stop making music for an extended period. Through inner journey and personal triumph, Scott has arrived at an exotic cross-section of styles, yet maintains a sound all his own.

Scott places the artistic focus on creating music that stands the test of time, art that has a replay value for years to come. There are no fads chased here, no genre-of-the-moment, no tried and true formulas at play. Instead, the producer leans heavily on his own world view, and the globalized rhythms that pulsate throughout his music are a testament to his wide-eyed approach.


Parking is limited at the park–please carpool.  Alternative options:

  • Carpool with friends from the Rood Center, 1.4 miles
  • Park and walk from the SYRCL office parking lot, .4 miles
  • Park and walk from the small lot at Broad St and Nevada St, .4 miles
  • Park and walk from the small lot near Vets Hall off Cottage St or Commercial St, .6 miles
  • Park on surrounding residential streets and walk
  • Teleport
  • Ride your bike!