Hank-Meals-photo1-e1444673661421Hike with Hank Meals

Poorman Creek/ South Yuba River

Saturday, October 15, 2016

If you are interested in local geography, history, geology and flat-out beautiful surroundings this hike is for you. Counting a few off trail forays this round trip trail will cover about six miles. You will see and hear water during the entire event.

Poorman Creek, South Yuba Trail

We’ll pick up the South Yuba Trail on Poorman Creek below the town of Washington then hike downstream on the north side of the river to hillsides that have been altered by ambitious 19th century placer gold miners. As a good citizen you really should learn more about mining and lumbering history in this region in order to grasp their impacts on the environment.  It’s our legacy and it’s surprising to realize how much of our landscape has been has reshaped and how often water was (and is) redirected.

On this hike you can see how diligently nature is soothing raw industrial landscapes back to life. Below the mines, the river flows in a deep and narrow canyon with blue- green pools. Eventually we’ll stop at a streamside beach with swimming options, then return.

There is a little bit of climbing in sticky and scratchy understory so pack light-weight gloves, a long sleeved shirt and long pants if you are concerned.

To reserve a spot on the hike, email Jenn Tamo at 530-265-5961 ext. 201 or Jenn@syrcl.org.

$20 for members, $35 for not-yet-members, and $15 for attendees under 16.

Poorman Creek & South Yuba Trail Topo