2017 Yuba River Cleanup Photo Gallery

The 20th Annual Yuba River Cleanup

A stellar Cleanup team turned out at Edwards Crossing. Photos: Nathan Anglin

The next generation of river stewards cleaning up by the Bridge in Washington. Photos: 49th Gold Country BPSA

Students from Eco-Nevada Union at the Hwy 49 and Hoyt’s Crossings. Photos: EcoNU

Cleanup volunteers at Bear River Campground. Photos: Giya Day & Diana Suarez

Gold Country Fly Fishers volunteers cleaning up the Lower Yuba at Parks Bar. Photo: Peter Burns

This Cleanup team ventured out to Upper Kenebec Creek. Photo: Kurt Lorenz

One of the most popular Cleanup sites – Bridgeport! Photos: South Yuba River Parks Association & Nevada County Cannabis Alliance

A mighty show of strength by these volunteers at Deer Creek. Photos: Shana Maziarz

A good haul indeed, thanks to volunteers below Purdon Crossing. Photos: Caleb Dardick

Much-loved Purdon Crossing received a lot of love by this incredible team. Photos: Shelby Delre-Vintere

Restoration volunteers at Edward’s Crossing. Photos: Sarah Philips

Volunteers along Idaho-Maryland Road had their work cut out for them. Photos: Wolf Creek Community Alliance, Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning, and Byers

The Volunteer Appreciation Party

Photo credit: Shelby Delre-Vintere, Jonathan Keene, Frieda Slavin, Alena Loomis

Passing the torch. Caleb’s last day and Melinda named Executive Director.
From left: with Caleb, Cheri West, Matthew Green, Sara Greensfelder, Kurt Lorenz, Solomon Henson, Julie des Tombe, and Heidi Hall.