Kids Keep the River Clean with River Ambassadors

This season, SYRCL’s River Ambassadors and California State Parks furthered their partnership to watershed education by bringing the Litter Getter program to the South Yuba River State Park.

What is Litter Getters?

The main goal of the California State Parks Litter Getter program is to encourage children to keep the parks crumb clean, wild, and healthy, and continue this behavior in their communities. Through the fun-filled and informative activity folder, they discover how litter hurts the wildlife and plants in our parks and at home, and how they can help by keeping litter in trash cans and out of reach of animals. Source: California State Parks 

How to be a Litter Getter

Does your child want to help keep the Yuba clean, safe, and healthy for generations to come? They can become a Litter Getter by speaking to any of our River Ambassadors at Bridgeport, Highway 49, and Purdon Crossings. Our River Ambassadors will teach your child about the Litter Getter Pledge, and give them a Litter Getter activity folder that also contains instructions on picking up litter in the park. Special Litter Getter recycled paper bags are available, or you can help us do more by bringing bags to reuse to collect litter! Most parks also give out plastic gloves as extra protection for children. Remind your child to not touch sharp objects or animals!

When participants turn in their first bag of litter, they receive six state animal and plant stickers. There is a special spot for each sticker in the activity folder. When they turn in the second bag and show their Litter Getter folder with the stickers placed on it, they get a special award, and River Ambassador signs the certificate on the folder to proclaim that the participant is now a Litter Getter.

Want to be a Litter Getter Superhero? We have restoration and cleanup sites that are kid-friendly at the 20th Annual Yuba River Cleanup!