Field Volunteer Opportunities on the Lower Yuba in May

Interested in seeing the project close-up? Join us for 2017 Hammon Bar Monitoring!

Know & Go:

What: Hammon Bar Monitoring Volunteer Opportunity
When: Weekdays between Wednesday, May 10-Thursday, May 25th
Where: Hammon Bar on the lower Yuba. Meet at SYRCL for carpool.

Six years ago, SYRCL began the first project in the Lower Yuba River to restore salmon habitat. In 2011 and 2012 SYRCL planted nearly 6,500 willow and cottonwood cuttings across 5 acres to improve the floodplain habitat that fish use during high flow periods as refuge from swift moving water in the main river channel. One goal of this project was to increase riparian vegetation which would provide improved fish habitat through the increase in shading, cover, food availability, and creating geomorphic and hydraulic complexity on the floodplain.

Planting trees at Hammon Bar

Where does the project stand today?

Each year, SYRCL and a team of volunteers count and measure each tree out on Hammon Bar to determine how many trees are still alive, how much they have grown, and how much sediment and debris is building up due to the increase in geomorphic complexity as the trees grow and slow down the flow of water.

Below is a graph of survivorship for each of the four species we planted out on the bar. While survivorship for cottonwood is low, it was also the most widely planted species on the bar, which means that there are still more young cottonwoods out at Hammon now than any other species. Given that this project was built in a drought with the trees planted to groundwater depth, we are pleased with the survivorship so far and look forward to seeing what the 2017 floods changed at Hammon Bar.

Hammon Bar May 2016

Interested in helping us count trees and measure sediment? We will be monitoring Hammon Bar all weekdays from Wednesday, May 10th-Thursday, May 25th. We are especially excited to see how the trees fared and how much additional sediment was deposited after this winter’s storms. For more information, or to get involved, please contact AmeriCorps Restoration Coordinator Courtney Hudson at