SYRCL is Hiring!

Want to join in on 2017 Quiz Night action?

We are looking for volunteers to help with setup and night-of festivities. Don’t miss out on this stellar night of out-of-this-world fun! We’d love your help!  Check out the variety of ways you can get involved: 2017 Quiz Night volunteer descriptions.

Requesting proposals for Videographer Services 

SYRCL is inviting vendors to submit proposals for video production services for a series of two “how-to” videos. The videos will provide an explanation of the connection between cannabis growing and water quality and describe best management practices (BMPs) with a focus on small farmers. Proposals are due Friday, March 24, 2017. DETAILS

Hiring a River Education Manager

SYRCL’s River Education Program aims to educate people of all ages to be informed and passionate stewards and lifelong advocates of the Yuba River watershed. The program primarily targets K-12 students, with additional opportunities for life-long learners. The River Education Manager will be responsible for implementing all of SYRCL’s current education programs, developing new programs, and assisting with fundraising to sustain the education program. DETAILS 

Seeking part-time, temporary River Captains

SYRCL is seeking to hire three part-time River Captains who are enthusiastic and passionate about the Yuba River and its health. The River Ambassador program runs 15 weekends between May 27th and September 4th, with mandatory trainings for Captains in May and July. River Captains work 3 to 4 weekends per month, on a rotating basis and will spend Saturdays and Sundays at the river with River Ambassador volunteers educating visitors about best stewardship and fire-safety practices. DETAILS