Volunteer Opportunities Abound this summer at SYRCL

Eric Rubenstahl, River Monitoring Coordinator, SYRCL AmeriCorps Member on the Lower Yuba River

For the past 29 years, SYRCL has thrived due in large part to the participation of terrific, dedicated, talented and enthusiastic volunteers.  We just cannot accomplish all we do without your help—and we need your skills now more than ever.

Volunteer opportunities abound this summer both on the river and in the SYRCL office.

  • River Ambassador Program – (Every weekend from June 30 – September 15, including 4th of the July and Labor Day Holidays) – SYRCL seeks friendly, outgoing volunteers to serve as River Ambassadors; Volunteer and paid positions are available! The River Ambassador program is a volunteer-based initiative to reach out to Yuba River users about how both local residents and out-of-towners can help keep the river clean, safe and healthy this summer.  The River Ambassadors will target two heavily used river crossings along the South Yuba River, the Highway 49 Bridge and Purdon Crossings. SYRCL is currently recruiting at least 30 volunteers.  Ambassadors will not be trained to be park rangers or police and will have no enforcement responsibilities.  River Ambassadors must commit to at least five shifts (3 hours each) over the course of the summer while the paid captains will be working up to 150 hours through September 30.  See attached poster, press release and job descriptions for both paid captains and volunteers.  Applications for both positions are due June 15th with training the week after.  For more information:  http://yubariver.org/river-ambassador-program/
  • Helping in the SYRCL office on a weekly, bi-monthly or even random basis – SYRCL is looking for volunteers to help with general office support (computers, phone, garden, research, postering, event booth, etc.).  All of our programs and events require hours of preparation including the river cleanup, river monitoring program, restoration projects, salmon campaign, the film festival and much more.  Volunteers generally help out in the afternoons for 1-4 hours at a time.  We can train you on our computer systems.   Perks include being a part of a great team accomplishing meaningful work; and, of course, cookies!  Contact Miriam Limov at Miriam@syrcl.org or 530-265-5961 ext. 201 to start volunteering today.
  • Aspen Regeneration (Friday, August 3) – Aspens are declining in the Sierra Nevada range for reasons such as
    Volunteers removing small conifers, August 2011

    changes in fire regimes.  However, you can help by volunteering to control conifers that are crowding and competing with aspens.

SYRCL is partnering with the Tahoe National Forest August 3 for habitat enhancement.  We will be clearing conifers that are encroaching on the aspen and will build small barriers with brush to deter deer that browse heavily on the aspens.

Are you a strong, able-volunteer who loves being in the outdoors and wants to give back?  Please sign-up with Jessica Roberts, Jessica@syrcl.org  530-265-5961 ext. 209.  Pre-registration required.

  • 15th Annual Greater Yuba River Cleanup and Restoration Day – (Saturday, September 15 from 9 am – noon) – SAVE THE DATE!  This much anticipated event happening at 40+ sites in the watershed is followed by a free lunch and celebration at Bridgeport Crossing at the South Yuba River State Park from 12 – 3 including the 2nd annual Stone Skipping competition.  Registration for your favorite site will begin August 15 at www.yubariver.org.